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I came across a post by Tolu Ijogun (Bimbo Odukoya’s daughter) and she said…
“It is what you teach your child that they learn. I was speaking with TY Bello the other day. she said why do we keep teaching our children bible stories? why aren’t we teaching them about the power of the Holy Spirit?
Isis teach little boys how to shoot, strapped with bullets and grenades. They are also taught how to take life that they did not create, what are we teaching our children?
Babies still eat Amala but we make it extra soft. toddlers eat meat but we cook it till it’s soft and digestible for their system. “Out of the mouth of babes and suckling God has ordained strength. your sons and daughters will prophesy.” are you positioning your children for their manifestation?
It’s time we start telling our children about who we are in Christ Jesus. about the power they have as Christians. they need to understand that every word they speak create. to experience the power of the Holy Spirit and know the authority they have to change every and any situation.

I remember my mother, Pastor Bimbo, telling me very early in life. “Tolu always ask the Holy Spirit to help you, He’s your best friend.” if I was looking for something, she would say have you asked the Holy Spirit? This fast became a part of my life. Break it down and tell it to your children in a way they understand. It is very important they start to practice the supernatural from Now.”
If you know Pastor Bimbo Odukoya’s children, see how they all turned out. with that you can conclude if their parents raised or taught them well.
Well… by now everyone knows I have children. and how we are finding our way through bringing them up fearless, bold and confident.
Since I do not know it all my eyes and ears are open a lot learning and unlearning and relearning. oh, also I am good at copying, yep! I copy people with successful result and remix it to suit my taste and my children. I cannot leave long enough to learn from my experience, so by all means I copy copy…
When I saw this post by Tolu Ijogun, it put into words what I want to see in my children, especially those two bible verses…
Material success is part of it but not all, I don’t want to raise successful but empty adults. imagine my son or daughter saying mummy leave God yet, we are talking about something serious here… Ha!
I am teaching them and I see results. yesterday I heard Nuggie telling herself I am blessed, I am favored but I want to take it further.
I came across James Altucher’s article on LinkedIn and that sealed it for me… He said:
“Everyone has a story to tell. Trust me on this. At the very least, you have one or two readers. write a story your great-great-grandchildren are going to want to read.
Why deny them your wonderful story?
So write. Find the darkness inside you. Find where you reached for love and either succeeded or failed.
Tell your great-great-grandchildren that story. You have that book inside of you. And everyone should write one.
And that book could be a love story, a business story, a how-to, a book about trivia, or a horror novel…”
I am writing a children storybook. The lessons I taught will be in story form with biblical application. Refreshing their memory over and over if they forget.
My grandchildren and great-great grandchildren can come and see them when I am no longer here. I love that thought!
I am working on the basics… fear, courage, Holy Spirit, Confidence, Holding on e.t.c. then I will write another for teenagers… let me not get ahead of myself…
I will be launching my first book February 18th, 2018. Whoop whoop! That date has been ringing in my head, I don’t know why.
If you have any topic or ideas you want us to flesh out into a story, let’s do this together!!!
I have a tentative name Evado’s stories (you guessed right, my children’s initials)
What do you think? any suggestion?
It’s a countdown!!! 117 days to go…
PS: Don’t be like that, say something…

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