Word Fast

I just came across a book on Instagram. The Forty-Day Word Fast by Tim Cameron. And It was intriguing. I decided to check it up and it costs about ten dollars or so. That is a pretty sum right now. Since nothing can deter me when I set my mind to it. I decided to make do with the 7 days YouVersion Bible App. It’s not 40days but its a start. Till I can get my copy of the book.

Word fast. hmmm… I have not heard of that before. I know you can fast off lots of things like Television, Social Media, Food, Junks e.t.c. But words? This is my first.

Going through the summary. It covers fasting off Being Judgmental, Criticism, Sarcasm, Negativity, Complaining and Gossip. That is a plethora of things. And I always find ways and excuses why I should indulge in all these things.

It has bible passages you read and study, then you write your progress at the end of each day. I have been getting very careless with my words in recent times. I thank God I am able to come across this before I get in deeper. Because our words shape us, not us alone but family and friends who we speak into.

This is going to be hard work but I thank God I am built for hard work.

Have you gone on a word fast before? What did it entail? Did you notice any change or you gave up on the way?

Have you listened to yourself lately? What have you been saying to your spouse, children, neighbour, friends and strangers?

Would you like to start one? Either buy the book or download the YouVersion bible App and look for Tim Cameron’s word fast planΒ  for the seven days devotional.

In 2018, I am working towards removing ‘let’s be realistic’ from my vocabulary. Because I am hiding under that, to say a whole lot of trash. I can be realistic and say ‘Things are hard, nothing is working.’ Or believe God’s word and say ‘it doesn’t matter how it looks now… I know all things are working together for my good!’

I take steps of faith and prepare the way with words.

What words do you build your life with?

PS: 40 more days to Evados Children Series… Pre-order coming up and a gift for the New Year!!!

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