Word Consciousness

Tori, our little mummy has taken it upon herself to take charge of the brood. Dishing out reprimands and advice for every situations. Even I am not spared from the reprimands. She told me to keep patting Samuel’s back to enable him sleep faster. Mummy why didn’t you prepare the food on time or why didn’t you do this or that… the list is endless.

So, to avoid long grammar and too much talk. Whenever she complains about something not up to par, I tell her “sorry, please manage it.” And that ends the discussion.

Tori: Mummy, I don’t like this plate. I want the yellow one
Me: Manage it
Nuggie: Mummy I want another shoe, this one has…
Me: Manage it
Tori/Nuggie: Mummy…
Me: Manage it.

It solved everything until I heard Nuggie complaining her shoes were tight. And Tori told her to manage it. Then Tori came to me with her dirty T-shirt. Fresh from her night bath and said:

“Mummy should I manage this one?”

My head whipped round so fast I am surprised it’s still attached to my neck. What have I created? What exactly am I teaching them with that little seemingly harmless word ‘manage’? Hearing the word from her lips magnified the word clearly to me…

Mediocrity is okay?

Condone limitations?

Allow excuses?

Poverty mentality?

Endure abuse and disregard of your rights?

I never told them to manage in negative situations. Just minor stuff they can afford to let go. BUT they have heard MANAGE for so long that it is beginning to seep into their mentality.

Immediately I told Nuggie, no let’s change the shoe, you will not manage it. Tori looked at me and said “manage is not good?” “No, it’s not good, let’s not manage. Let’s do something about it.”

When the word tried coming back again through Tori and her shirt. I said “No, you will not manage it. Let’s get a clean one.

I think children have a way of reflecting you to you. But unlike a mirror, you get to see you in another skin walking and talking.

There’s no excuse. But I am glad I am learning and realizing before it gets too late.

There should be a better way of telling them to make do with something without giving off negative vibes… hmmm… thinking cap on…

Have your words ever jumped out and slapped you…?


PS: 78 days to  the book launch of Evados children storybook





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