Will my Pain be Wasted?

I was studying Genesis 43. while reading about the famine. where Jacob’s children had to go to Egypt to buy grains. Something occurred to me. Despite the famine, there were not destitute. They had honey, Balm, fruits, and other dried goods. Enough to take some as gifts for Joseph. And they had money to buy the grains in Egypt, they were not managing or patching. They were healthy enough to travel to buy the grains from Egypt which is not a stone throw from Canaan, their location.

Also, God knew that Famine was going to happen years earlier. And he sent Joseph ahead in spite of what the devil planned. He probably thought the dream meant Joseph was going to be great in Canaan and sought to thwart that plan. Proving the devil does not know everything about us. God is always steps ahead. And He does not waste our pain or experiences except we choose to be hardened by them. We either learn or pick something from our pain, challenges and trials. Then move on or remain and wallow in it because we feel God and life has been unfair.

The interesting thing about Joseph and his brothers was God sent him there. Not only to fulfill his destiny. And fulfill his words but to also be their savior during the famine period. The same brother who hardheartedly sold him away. Seriously God’s idea of love and forgiveness is out of this world! Pun definitely intended.

There were a bunch of murderers filled with jealousy, committed incest e.t.c. and still God looked out for them. Because he had promised their great-grandfather Abraham in Genesis 15:13. He will bless his seed. And there will be strangers in a foreign land. Be maltreated by the foreign nation for 400 years. But there will come away with great wealth. It did not matter if Abraham’s seeds were bad or not. Because it’s not about them. A promise is a promise and it had to be kept.
If God could keep and provide for a people like that because of His promise. How much more will He keep and provide for me. A child under the covenant and blood of His son because of His promise to Christ.

Why do I think he will abandon me and forget His promise because I sinned? It’s not about me. It’s about his promise to Abraham my father by faith and His son Jesus Christ. Talk about a double whammy! To abandon and forget me, He has to forget His integrity as God, and keeping His word. Do you think that is even possible?

Does that mean challenges will not come? You bet there will! Because the devil does not like us and wants to thwart God’s plans. But we are more than conquerors through Christ. So we will overcome them all. Joseph in Potiphar’s house did learn the ways of the rich. In prison he did learn how the other side lived. He did not waste his pain and experiences. Because when he became governor he had to meet these different group of people. And he was equipped to handle them because of it.

What are you doing with your pain?

What are you doing with the challenges?

Are you so fixated on the lack and wants that you miss the learning process and the preparation phase?

Will your pain and challenge period be wasted?

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