Who do I Trust… can I control this?

Jesus didn’t trust them because He knew what people were really like… No one needed to tell Him about human nature. John2:25
I use to have control/trust issues (still working on it…) No one could do my things as good as me, no one can take care of my children as good as I can.
The first week I had Tori, my mom will always tell me to go and sleep… so I can recover fully but I wanted to stay and watch whatever was happening with the baby. When she got tired of telling me to rest she let me be… “When you break down, no one will tell you.” Was what she said.
Did I break down? You bet I did, for both Tori and Nuggie! 
While speaking on her trust/control issues, Joyce Meyer said God told her to trust him with people/things and not trust people/things..
When I heard this, it was like a huge load off me. Even Jesus did not trust people because He knew who we are. I do not even trust myself but I can trust God with people/things.
This is part of what gives me the confidence to get a help… Not give myself high BP over my children or my husband.
Horror stories abound and I was scared of leaving my children alone with strangers both at home and in school… 
But I told God… Father, this children are yours, so is my marriage. I cannot do it by myself or monitor everything. Most of the women in the Bible had helps, even the Proverbs 31 woman. I’m going to leave these children with different helps at one time or the other; not because I trust them but because I trust you with them in Jesus name.
My peace ehn, no be here… 
How about your own?

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