When your wine has finished…


Jesus was invited to a wedding feast, the same way we invite Him into our lives. When the wine finished, He did nothing… 
Ahn ahn, Oga see opportunity to show your power na, that’s what I would have told him if I were there…
This made me realise, when I invited Him into my life, I also have the responsibility of bringing situations and things to Him whether big or small… Nothing like God knows already.
I also discovered, I can have Jesus in my life and have my wine finish but there is the option of telling Him about it or not.
If I meet Him for solution, what do I hear? Do I liststen for His reply or say it to  fulfill all righteousness, then jump about trying to look for bow I can solve it?
When He tells me what to do, do I obey or see His solution as too crazy or too simple for the problem?
Can I truly fill the pots with wine and take it to all the VIP guests?
Which of your wine have finished?
Did you tell Him about it?
What did He say?
Will you do it?

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