When you are Tempted to Bury…

A lot of us have heard the parable of the servants who were given talents, we know how it went… it is so easy to judge the one who hid his own but are we different?

Last year I went through this phase where I froze whenever I wanted to write, my thoughts were going crazy and my blog was idle most of the year. I had ‘valid’ (in my mind) excuses why I wasn’t writing but the truth was I was scared… was I interesting enough? Will anyone be interested in my work? What if inspiration dries off? E.t.c.

Late 2019 during my personal retreat I was studying my Bible when a thought dropped in my mind… ‘Who is the giver of ideas?’ the Holy Spirit I answered.

Another thought came, ‘can the Holy Spirit run out of ideas or be stranded?’

‘Errm… No.’ I replied again in my mind

‘Why do you think you will run out of what to write if the one who gives you inspiration is not out of ideas?’

I hadn’t seen it from that angle…

The third servant who buried his talent was scared just like I was and some of us are… scared of how, who, what, making mistakes e.t.c.

While you are thinking is this important, am I making any impact, who will be interested in this? Remember that thing that looks useless to you is a solution to another person’s confusion. It’s not about you alone but the one who said take this idea and the one or two persons who need the idea to complete their journey.

What have you buried?

What are you overlooking?

What is stopping you?



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