When the struggle seem unending…

ooh this one! You cannot get tired listening to her!!! (actually you cannot get tired listening to any of them)
She is a perfect example of someone who has turned her pain(what would have killed most) to her gain. she is gold in wisdom, when i was through with her, I felt as if i was working on air. while transcribing, I had to stop several times to pray…
This is part of her conclusion…
“Does the struggle ever end? If just like me, you’ve ever wondered if the daily grind of working, paying bills and encountering challenges will ever end then welcome to the club of life. If the, when will I rest thought has ever crossed your mind then you are most welcome to the VIP section of the club of life.
What are we currently going through that looks like it won’t end? Sometimes we choose these pressures and other time life hands them over regardless of our ability or preparedness to cope with them. After the screaming, shouting, mood swings and tears then what? So one day I stopped to think…
Frankly, you do want to see this! 
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