When God? I asked. I should ask you that He replied.

I “accidentally” came across this sentence… God took the animals to the man to see what names he would give them: and whatever name he gave them, that was its name. (Gen2:19)

This is not my first time reading this but it is my first time getting this meaning from it.

Did you notice how God did not give suggestions or direction? Rather the Bible said He watched to see what Adam will do and whatever name he gave, God allowed it.

God brought the animals… just like He gives us opportunities and ideas. What I do with them is now up to me.

I once heard Myles Munroe say… God gave you a brain with 500billion cells. He gave you a mind in that brain that can calculate, analyze, investigate, explore and test. He gave you the Holy Ghost for guidance and wisdom… how dare you blame God for your choices?

Going by these, God knows I am fully equipped to do and undo when He did a test run with the first man, who rose up to the challenge in verse 20 by naming all the animals.

So if you are waiting for God to give you the answer, could it just be… He is waiting for us to use the high capacity machines He has equipped us with?

The scarily interesting part is, whatever I allow or do or accept or decides… God accepts.

Therefore the responsibility of my choices lies with me… it’s not God’s fault. Nothing to hide behind!

What answers or solutions have I been waiting for?

Are my machines lying fallow and getting rusted?

Am I waiting for God or He is waiting for me?

Who have I been blaming for my choices and their repercussions?

Will I didn’t know be an excuse, knowing this now?

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