What’s new? I have checked,Why try again?

While reading a post on Facebook about Robert Liardon’s book in which he told a story of two mountain climbers that died on mount Everest while coming down (due to miscommunication, they didn’t know they had enough oxygen in their reserve, so they both died from lack of oxygen among other things… They died.

The story reminded me of when I had to go for an important workshop(though not work related, it was important for everything I was doing). That morning it was raining cats and dogs and my car wiper was faulty. I considered abandoning the workshop but I knew I was going to learn a lot… So I decided to use the car as is, while praying for a miracle (maybe the rain will just stop or something…)

I entered the car and visibility was almost zero,  before entering the highway I decided to switch on the wiper just in case… And to my shock, they were working fine!!! Unknown to me, my husband had fixed it before his trip!

I happily swished my way to the workshop and I was glad I took the step… I would have missed a great deal but mostly glad I didn’t give up.

There are a thousand and one things that are screaming at us daily to be realistic… Solid/concrete reasons/excuses not to try or check again…

It’s just there in the next check or the one after that… Results and Testimonies are most times wrapped in our extra.

Are you unknowingly dying of thirst in the middle of the river?

Are you ready to brave that rain, not sure of your wiper?

Are you ready to try again… Check again… Ask again… Even when everything is screaming don’t bother?

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