What’s The Deal With Being Afraid Anyway?!!

I have not been posting as frequently as I use to. I have been afraid and feeling overwhelmed lately. I have given myself different excuses why I cannot post. I have a lot to do. My laptop is still under repair. I have to work on the design and overall layout of the blog and set up my email list. Who even reads this stuff? yadayada….

just as the excuses come, I get the answer to them… I can browse with my phone, even with the lot to do I can find time if I want to, I can keep using what I have now pending when i can do a complete overhaul to the blog and setup my email list. i will love to have constant traffic but even though it’s not flooding in, it is trickling in which is something.

Up and down I went like a yoyo with why I shouldn’t and why I should… till I came across this post from Steve Harris on Instagram.

He said… “Too many of us are caught up with the whole PERFECTION PARADOX gig, where we tell ourselves the lie that we are trying to make things PERFECT.

But if you really wanna be honest, YOU ARE AFRAID,

Afraid it won’t fly
Afraid of feedback
Afraid people are right, that it might just be a shitty idea.
Afraid of looking stupid
But I guess you’ve not chosen the RIGHT THINGS to be afraid of.

Let me tell you some of mine.

I am afraid of being broke
Afraid of living ordinary
Afraid of being average
Afraid of realizing I shoulda, coulda, woulda, but didn’t
Afraid I’ll be everything my course advisor said I’d be when i got kicked out of school
Afraid I won’t be able to provide a legacy for my kids.
Afraid I might wake up and realize the last 15 years have been a dream.

And for those compelling reasons, I am WILLING to FAIL simply because it increases my chances of SUCCESS.

Fail until you succeed!

Will you please fail? At least it meant you got off your butt!”

With that post he summed up my life and showed me i am being afraid of the wrong things! The wrong fear will stifle me but the right kind will motivate, push and keep pushing.

So what kind of fear do you have?

Are you bold enough to admit those supposedly valid excuses is you being afraid or you will lie to even yourself?

What are you going to do about the fear?

I am afraid but for the wrong reasons! Today i choose to be afraid, motivated and move… I am not ready to die broke with no impact in the world!

How about you?

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