What do you need for the multitude?

Jesus looked up and saw that a large crowd was coming toward Him, and He said to Philip, “Where will we buy bread for these people to eat?”

There have been times I was in tight corners and God has in one way or the other pulled me out or through it. But next time I am in another tight place, I go back to wondering again… “How will I get out of this?”
This was the case with Philip who have been following Jesus for a while, still he forgot the former miracles. I remember thinking towards the end of 2018, that I have not achieved much; it was a tasking year in everyway. But when I paused and looked back, I have seen God’s hand at several intervals. Done a lot of things, been down but not out.
I remember looking at my multitude (things I MUST settle before 2018 ends) like Philip and I thought just like Philip told Jesus, “it will take a small fortune to (clear this up) feed them.”
Then like Andrew, my mind kept telling me, “you have only little, what is that compared with what is on ground? ”
The interesting thing I saw Jesus doing was:

1. They found someone who had what they wanted

2. He organised and arranged the situation(by sorting them in groups while they sat)

3. He thanked God for the little they had

4. Then they started sharing, that was when the miracle started.
They had nothing but the knew they needed food… Do you know what you need?
They found someone who had what they needed and they collaborated with him. Some of us have big plans/dreams but no money while some have money but no idea…
Rather than sit and look at how big the problem is or wait until we get that big opportunity… 
Do you know what you need… Like really?

Can you see the little?

Have you organized the issue?

What of thanksgiving?

Remember the miracle started when they started sharing the bread and fish, so you have to do something… Have you started sharing or you are waiting for it to multiply in your hands?
You remember my multitude of 2018? We started feeding them with our little and believe me, it multiplied!

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