What Do You Have in Storage?

Three separate incidents taught me the importance of brain/memory storage and mind reserve…
I hate making moi-moi because I detest washing beans. but above the hate, I love eating moi-moi and so do my husband and children. While cleaning my store last week. I came across my abandoned containers for making moi-moi. Oh! So this is where I kept you. I thought as I went about my duties.
Today, I had a craving for moi-moi today. and someone is available to help with washing the beans. I didn’t have to think much on the containers because I know I have them and I know where they are.
Second incident was, I entered the bathroom to brush and discovered there was no water. While entering the bathroom, I had noticed a half-finished water left by one of the children in the bedroom. I remembered when I noticed there was no water to brush with. So I went back to the bedroom and took the water and went back to brush.
Finally, I discovered money I never knew I had in my jean pocket. I don’t know about you. but there have been times I discovered money I had forgotten in a pair of jeans, purse or some other place. While there are times I have ransacked the whole house in search of anything. even ten naira change would have been welcomed but I saw nada…zilch.
These three incidents though different have some things in common. I kept those things there. when I needed them I either remembered where they were or discovered them when I needed them.
I discovered… what you read, know through workshops, seminars, books, conferences, people e.t.c. become yours. like the moi-moi containers, half-finished water or money discovered is mine. It may look like it may not have made any impact. but the day you will need to make the moi-moi you will remember where the containers are. You may be stuck but the money forgotten somewhere will come up like the perfect idea to a confusing issue.
Like someone once said (you see? I remembered this for this particular paragraph. because I heard it from one of my interviewees on the blog). He said you cannot grow above what you know. When you get to where you knowledge stops, your growth stops (either in business, career, finance, spirituality, marriage e.t.c.).
But if I am the type that keeps searching for money I did not keep, it will always be a futile effort. You wrack your brain for solutions but end up getting more confused than you started.
When someone gives you a suggestion, idea or advice and you find you keep going back to ask for the next step. no input from you, you want the person to give you the whole steps and process. then your reserve is critically low… common sense ain’t common at all.
When you hear an idea dropped! it was a light bulb moment! I was inspired do this! these are statements coming from a stocked store. Even the Holy Spirit most times brings to your remembrance and inspires based on what you have in your bank.
The same way you cannot go to the ATM machine to withdraw an amount higher than what is in your account. Do not expect more than mediocre at best from your brain when you have not deposited much in it.
You want to grow deeper in your spirituality? study your bible, read targeted books, attend seminars, conferences, workshops
Higher in career/business… read targeted books, attend seminars, conferences, workshops
Better marriage/relationships … read targeted books; attend seminars, conferences, workshops
Better in everything … read targeted books, attend seminars, conferences, workshops e.t.c
And the list goes on and on… it becomes easier to come up with solutions and ideas if you have a well to draw from.
What is your well or bank filled with? Do you have enough to draw from?
When you receive an idea, advice or suggestion do you find yourself asking over and over for the how or way? or do you run with it, working with minimal supervision?
Study to show yourself approved…
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