What are my Children Learning?

I was doing assignment with my daughter and I came across a passage in her book and I had to really ask myself, what are they learning?

The dialogue’s aim was to teach how to say thank you. it reads.

Eze: Good morning Uncle Ben

Uncle Ben: Eze how are you? Your bag looks heavy, come into the car let me drop you

Eze: Thank you

Then Eze enters the car.

Immediately, I reminded my daughters do not enter anybody’s car without daddy or mummy. Do not follow anybody if mummy and daddy are not there or gives permission. What did I say? They repeated after me. Whenever someone knocks, call an adult to come and open the door. I threw that in for good measure.

What will happen if you enter someone’s car without daddy and mummy? Tori asked. Some people are bad; they do bad things to children, they can also steal you and take you away. You will not see daddy and mummy again. Will you like that? They both shook their head.

If it’s okay for Eze to enter Uncle Ben’s car, then it is okay to enter any uncle’s car. We have to be careful and know what our children are reading even watching and listening to.

I read a post on Facebook yesterday where a book was talking about a woman and the process of carrying twins, it was a twisted tale of how the babies eat the woman’s leg bone and the babies both stay in their mother’s legs.

It’s not only internet but hard copy materials that are indirectly passing along wrong and negative messages.

We play our role and trust God to handle the rest.

So… Do you know what your children are learning?



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  • AuduKupa
    2 years ago

    Parents, please tell your children what to do, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it and who to deal with. Above all, pray for God’s guidance

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