Weird Behaviours and Callings… Do you have any?

I am back home from Lagos and trying to fit back to the pace and one million reports and questions… what can beat the life of a mother?

Sometimes I wish I can run back or hide for a while but that is wishful thinking. weird right?  Its work… stressful and tiring but again it’s a stage that I will outgrow. So, I forge on… determined to make the best out of it and enjoy the moments while it lasts.

I don’t know about you but before I started having children, I did not like babies. I help people with their babies but I would rather not if I had a choice. They are cute and cuddly I know but please let’s do it from afar. I can play with them but for a short while. The minute their countenance changes I look for the next available person to hand over to.

My younger sister was the exact opposite. Till date when she is at home, children (it seems they smell her arrival) come asking for her.

When I got pregnant for my first child… I am surprised I did not have high blood pressure. The fear was real!!!

Here I am years later… Not only do I love children(warts and all) I also wrote a story book for children… ha-ha… right now I cannot even think up a novel or play idea without having two children stories idea.

There are times I hear them playing in the sitting room and for a split second I wonder who owns those children? Then it clicks… babe they are yours o.

While in Lagos, I was talking with my husband on the phone. Then I heard “Daddy” at the background. In my head I was like Ha! This man is married and he wants to deceive me! The moment I opened my mouth to ask… “So you have children?” I think it was an angel that slapped it into my head with a side eye. Because I had two second brain reset. “They are your children and this is your husband madam!”

God definitely saw something in me to give me all these children ideas … I will definitely not choose me first…

Am I the only weird one or I have colleagues in this department?

What are your weird children stories?

What field/career/business have you found yourself and you shake your head in amazement at the irony of it all


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