who wants to move my cheese?

After teaching my daughter a lesson on unconditional love, (Read it here) I heard her often telling me, her father or anyone who displeases her: “You are no longer my friend.” I decided to investigate.
“Tori, you should not withhold your friendship because people don’t do things your way, it’s not right.”
Then she replied, “Mummy, but Peter (her classmate) always says it to me in school.”

Now, this is where the issue lies, the school is filled with different children, different homes and upbringing. All my good intentions and teachings may not be agreed with, aside that, there are those who may not have the time or clue on how to be positive role models for their children.

Knowing what the problem was, I told her; whenever Peter or anyone tells you: “you are no longer my friend, tell the person/people: “Okay, but my Mummy, my Daddy and everyone else are my friends so I don’t mind. Do you understand?” She said yes.

Roughly about two weeks later, I went to pick them from school and I remembered the incident. Then I decided to probe
“Tori has Peter said you are not my friend again?” “No,” she replied. What do you tell whoever tells you that? I will tell them…then she goes ahead to tell me all that I told her, she even added extra. I was dancing a jig in my head knowing the message was delivered and stuck there.

I read where RonkePosh, creator of Parents Right!!! (a group on facebook) taught her daughter to be confident carrying swallow to school, ignoring her classmates’ mocking and later those same mates wanted to be like her.

Aside their classmates, even adults can take advantage of them and say “you are no longer my friend.” To blackmail them into doing things their way (e.g sexual predators) the aim is to let them have the confidence in knowing that people’s approval shouldn’t be a yardstick for their decision making.

When you have done all you can, be sensitive, ask questions and above all pray hard!


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