Unconditional Love

I have always struggled with accepting the fact that God loves me unconditionally not because of what I have done or will ever do. How is that even possible, I keep asking myself. Sometimes when I don’t see reply to my prayer requests I think, “maybe I’ve done something wrong.
I am beginning to accept the love of God and growing in it daily now.

One thing for sure,I don’t want my children growing with that false mentality of God’s love being conditional, (I don’t even know how I cultivated the mentality myself).

Tori refused finishing her food. I always encourage her to eat by telling her, she’ll be big like daddy if she eats well; since daddy is her hero, that’s all she needs to hear to finish it up. On this day, she wasn’t interested so I told her to leave it. Then she asked “will I still be big like daddy?” Nugie also asked, “Mummy, is Tori still your friend?” I wanted saying no to both questions but I paused,yes I want her to eat more but at this impressionable age, won’t I be teaching her conditional love which is only given on the basis of good behavior if I said no?

I hugged them both, tickling them as I told them: “you will always be my friend, even when you don’t finish your food.” They both left the food (apparently, Nugie was full too but forcing herself to eat more)
They still ask me daily, when they are naughty or don’t want to do what I ask and I chastise them, “Mummy, am I still your friend?” My answer still remains the same even when am tempted to blackmail them into doing what I want by saying no…at the end of the day that’s what it is blackmail pure and simple.

What do you think?


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