The Ultimate Goal And Its Babies

Who hasn’t heard of “in the beginning God created…” Genesis 1:1 but what was the ultimate goal?

I know it is safe to say everyone can quote that in their sleep. Today, that sentence took on a new light for me.

You cannot get anything out of empty air. For everything you want, you need to start (create). To get the earth to be what it is, God started at the beginning by looking(Amplified Bible says brooding) at what is.
He looked at the formless earth and said let there be light. the light could have made everything more glaring. Then He started creating and calling forth.

While studying this verse, it reminded me of our lives. The big dreams we have, our excuses and complaints as to why we cannot achieve them or start now… no money, no time, no opportunity e.t.c. so we shelve the idea under later. While we hope and wish we will have the money to start someday. Or we forget the ideas under a thick cloud of dusty time and responsibilities.

Following God’s template for creation. Though He could, He did not make the earth in a day or two. Rather, He hovered and brooded over what was. Then He took it bit by bit, and when He finished. He handed the earth over to man, for whom God created the earth in the first place.

There are little steps to that big dream. My dream/goal/plan is to start a center(I already have the name, Evados Niche). A place where children, adolescents, teenagers will learn extracurricular activities. Things like knitting/sewing, baking, ballet, playing instrumentals, stage plays and it’s intricacies. book club(read, learn creative writing), music, artwork e.t.c. Subsequently, there will be summer school for coaching, practical agriculture and hand skills. Ranging from carpentry to mechanic, computers e.t.c. Most importantly it will be a time to retreat and hear what God is saying about their lives and purpose.

I do not have the money for it right now. But everything I do is a step. Towards saving, learning, growing and achieving the ultimate goal.which is Evados Niche

God’s ultimate goal was a home for man and that was what He worked towards in creating it all.

Look at your earth, brood over it and look at how you can do it one step at a time to that ultimate goal. who knows in 7days, 7weeks, 7months or 7years you would have reached the ultimate goal.

Above all, remember the earth is not a smooth shiny surface. It is rough, filled with cracks, holes, valleys and mountains. Yet God declared it was good. Your steps and path will not be smooth nor perfect but learn to say: Wow! I am good! flaws and all.

What are you brooding over?

What is the ultimate goal

What are the little steps towards it?

What is that excuse again?

PS: 36 more days to Evados Children Series


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