Twist your Tongue into well-done!

From Genesis to Revelations, we can find at least one verse in each page of the Bible that talk about thanking God… He’s a God that loves loves appreciation (genuine ones). Psalms 50:10-15 is an example of such…”what I want from you is your true THANKS; I want your promises fulfilled. I want you to trust me in your times of trouble, so I can rescue you, and you can GIVE ME GLORY.
If God wants this so much from us, then, we humans need it even much more.

Why then do we withhold compliments, appreciation, e.t.c from our family, friends, colleagues, strangers e.t.c. When someone is sick, we withhold empathy because we think it will make them “over do”
When someone has done a job well, we withhold praise because we feel it will make them relax or it will “get to their head”
When someone looks good or does something requiring commendation, we withhold compliments, because they will “form.”
We always have excuses and reasons why we should not compliment, appreciate, encourage each other. You hear phrases like “na today?” “Are you the first?” “and so…?”

While uselessly praising or “wowing” the person in our minds. I remember when I read articles or posts and I just stroll on by as I mutter to myself “that was good!” but I learnt; A word of praise here, a sprinkling of encouragement there mixed in with drops of appreciation can change a person’s life more than we can ever know.
Meanwhile, we must not always look for praise from others to motivate our actions, or depend on them to move on;

Like Steve Harris said in a post today that struck a chord…

“I use to get hurt by being described as cocky, until I realized it wasn’t about me, it was about them. They were insecure about my level of self-awareness, so they tried to make me “humble” in our society, you are not supposed to tell people how good you are, they are supposed to tell you. Keep waiting for a validation that will never come…humbility (I know it’s not a real word), is making yourself look small, so that others can feel big. And each time you do that, you lose a part of yourself but humility is recognizing you are big, but you ain’t trying to make anyone feel small and arrogance is recognizing you are big and deliberately trying to make others feel small…”

I realized I am good whether I hear it or not (being short-changing myself practicing “humbility” helping no one and losing myself in the process)

Also, giving feedback and compliments should be done generously because our spouse, children, family, friends and even the stranger you see looking so self-assured needs a sincere positive booster just as God loves our grateful heart, thankful lips and glorifying body.
Don’t assume they already know… Tell them!!!

Like Steve Harris concluded…next time people are intimidated by the BRIGHTNESS OF YOUR RISING, tell them to put their damn sunshade on!

Speaking of feedback, ghost readers come out small now…we can start from here…flex those fingers, comment…


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