This is too much… God when?

My husband and I have been through some trying times especially in the area of finance and it was hard at the moment we were going through it. The only thing in my head then was will this phase ever pass?

Writing in my journal helped a lot because there are some things in my head I could not articulate; besides, no one will understand but God and me.

Now I go through some of my journal entries of three to two years ago and I see how God saw me through situations that looked impossible then. Debts we needed to settle that looked impossible but are all cleared now.

find a picture of a journal entry below, I am looking at the picture with a tongue out at the situation that thought it could bury me…

I remember crying while talking to God one night and my daughter woke up to ask:
“Mummy why are you crying?”

I told her I was talking to God and clearing my mind because of issues that bothered me. I was glad she saw me that way, because I don’t want to shield them from life, we are not strong always neither are things always perfect and they need to see and understand that.
It was during that period I realized God speaks to us through different means and I became conscious of what I see and listen to…  

God answered my questions through several things like, ‘coincidentally’ someone will refer or talk about a song and it will be just what I needed, sometimes it will be a message, book or post that lifts my spirit and boosted my tenacity to hold on…
I wish I had written down those specific things that helped me at that period… anyways I came across a post recently that was so close to home, find link below
I don’t know what you may be going through but just like I am able to look back smile and pull out my tongue in mockery today, I believe you will look back someday and see it’s all in the past.

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