There is he that scatters but gains plenty…

I wrote an examination recently, it was a first for most of us. People came in from all over.

Some of us had been reshuffled, placed in a new category. We had to individually find information on this new category.

Initially, I studied alone and got little. One day, I voluntarily shared the information I had gotten with a colleague. She reciprocated by showing me what she had (something entirely different from mine).

When I noticed that, I decided to share more with others and I learned more.

On exam day, I overheard another colleague from out of town asking about this new category(he didn’t know me nor my category, so he didn’t ask me) I called him over and shared once again. He opened his 💼, brought out his materials and tutored me.

When we got to the exam hall, the bulk of the questions were not from what I had read but what I got from others while sharing.

I was under no obligation to share what I have. Nothing would have happened if I had ignored the stranger asking someone else questions. I could have listened to the voice in my head telling me, “oversabi won’t you mind yourself, who asked you? Or the voice saying, ” who told you they don’t know?

That would cheat who? Me. I found out I needed what they had more than they needed mine.

I learned… Where my knowledge stops, another’ begins

When you let go of what you have, the room to receive expands.

What you need most times are in the hands of others

Nobody has the monopoly of the first step if nobody asks or gives you… Ask or give.

Most importantly, no rule said you have to receive where you gave.

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