There is a Role for Everyone

I have been privileged to find myself in different roles in life but the one I shied away from the most was leadership roles. I felt content as the creative director and to let others take the lead while I remain at the background.

I was under the wrong impression that I do not have the qualities of a good leader –  i am not outspoken, friendly, I am too serious, and different excuses that I sold myself. Added to the fact that I am usually the shortest and youngest in whatever circle I found myself.

I have had lots and lots of ideas…The ‘wonderful’ solution I came up with, was to give them out to people whom I felt possessed the qualities required. But I realised if it’s not your vision, you can only go so far. Which is what happened to most of my ideas. They were completely messed up or abandoned halfway through.

There have been series of this instances. I still didn’t know what the problem was until I came across John Maxwell’s The 360° Leader. Before this book, whenever I come across any book on leadership, automatically it is ignored cos to my thinking, I am not a leader, neither do I have plans to be one.

This book has been sitting pretty in my library for a while. Then I felt maybe a cursory glance to see what it says.

I recently brought in some ideas to my parish for the children church and I was given the duty of handling that area. As usual, I tried shirking responsibility but no one was willing to take it. I have been taking charge and I handle the teenagers class on Sunday.

While talking with God about it, I said: “Father you know I am too serious and I tend to over explain things. I will be boring to this children. What do I know to tell them?” And inside me I heard: “I know, that’s why I chose you.”

That was the period I felt I should glance through the book. 

The book basically says it is not only those at the top who are leaders rather we can lead from every where we find ourselves. According to him, you learn to lead up, lead across, and lead down… In other words we learn leadership no matter the trait.

If you want to be great at whatever… Learn it. There is a reason the idea came to you in the first place.

Hiding behind won’t do anymore… Go do it yourself, just the way I have started. We are not there yet but we are growing in the children church. I have also picked some of my ideas back and dusted them off. 

God’s grace is sufficient… If He says I am best for the jobs and willing to risk it with me, then I shall have to do my best right?

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