The Revolution Has Begun!!!

I did a post recently on my upcoming book launch. Also how we should train our children to use their faith and experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit. The responses I got from all the places I shared that post amazed me. I realized parents are not relaxing. I heard different stories of children who walk by faith and who walk and hear from the Holy Spirit.

It was encouraging. There are bad news everywhere, making it seem as if the battle is being lost. But we are winning people, we are not there yet but we are on the way.

I love social media, when used appropriately. I have learnt a lot of things and met some wonderful people online. I have also gotten a lot of beautiful ideas from people I have met on different social media platforms. What they have posted or comments on posts. Sometimes inbox messages… there are wonky people but I am learning to sift them out.

If you have any of such instances. Where your children manifested God’s power. Walked by faith. Prayed and a situation turned. Made decisions because they asked the Holy Spirit and He gave them direction on what to do e.t.c. surprising even you (some of the stories surprised me!)

Then let’s hear you. Nothing is too small or too big. Your child’s actions will go a long way in encouraging another child more than the parents teaching. Cos children learn more from themselves than from adults. It can also encourage parents to know they are not alone. They are on the right track. It’s not too early neither is it too late. For some of us to realize children manifesting God’s power is not only for the whites (that was the mindset I had). He is God of every color. The same yesterday, today and forever.

Either leave a comment or send a message to Our children are really for signs and wonders…

I will compile them and put them on the blog. So everyone can read and share with their children to encourage them.

Like they say: the revolution has begun… you either join or join.




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