The Prayer Table

While I was single, I remember reading a book (I can’t recall the name/author). Like I usually do, whenever something strikes me in a book I write it in my journal. I go through it again later. So I can easily go back and refresh my memory.
Years later I was going through my journals and I came across what I had noted years earlier. The woman said she has a prayer timetable for the week, which helps keep her prayer life organized. Then I didn’t have much worries or anything I felt was necessary to pray for, so I wrote it down in case.
Last year, I decided I needed a prayer timetable because I discovered when challenges come or one area of life is not meeting expectations, I forget other parts and concentrate on that one till it’s settled. Then I move to another part again with issue. It feels like I am running about like a headless chicken.
I fought with myself to do a prayer timetable and I am fighting harder to keep to it. Except on occasion where God is expressly directing me to pray for a specific thing/person. This is the prayer timetable I am learning to work with.
Sunday: myself

Monday: others

Tuesday: my children

Wednesday: my husband

Thursday: parents/Siblings/family

Friday: The church/nation

Saturday: Thanksgiving

What is your prayer routine?

How has it been working for you?

How do you keep every area covered in prayer without a time table?
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