The Impression

There is a salon opposite my house owned by a Muslim lady, who is pregnant. I go there once in a while. Months ago I noticed the place has been closed for a while. I thought the lady had travelled or something. In fact I didn’t give it much thought. But I noticed whenever I am at the backyard, and I look towards the place. The thought kept coming to me to pray for her. I always brushed it aside, telling myself I was being paranoid. But the impression kept coming anytime I went to the backyard, which was many times every day.

This is no more a coincidence. I thought. Besides I do not think the devil will want me to pray for someone. So it is definitely not the devil. Standing at the backyard, I told God, “Father I have been having this impression to pray for this woman. I don’t know why, neither do I know what to pray about. So I plead the blood of Jesus on her and her household and against anything that might be standing against them.” Whenever the thought came to me that was what I prayed. I had lost her number, so I went to ask around for it but could not get it.

Few weeks later, the shop was opened. I went there, met her sister who informed me she had put to bed the previous month. This was surprising because the pregnancy bump had been very small. But I was able to get her phone number to wish her well.

Days later she had resumed and I went there to welcome her and the baby then she told me her story.

According to her, she was sitting at home one day and dozed off. Then she heard someone say “let’s see how you will have the baby.” After that she became sick and could not move from one position. All tests carried out at the hospital came back negative. But she had insufficient water and blood in her body. The doctors where trying to save her life. Because they said she can always have another baby (that was her second child, the first was five). She was discharged and told to go home and wait it out, when she was not responding to treatment.

Though she is a Muslim, she attends Christian programs at a church close to her salon. She got a bit better after a while but not strong enough to come back to work. One day she requested for water to take her bath. While in the bathroom, a thought came to her that “what if she finishes, she gets cold, then dies from there?” When she came out that was exactly what happened and the thought came again… “Today you will die.” Then another thought came, “you know you are the one allowing this sickness, chase it and it will go. She said with that she jumped up from the bed where she had covered herself because of the internal cold. Ignoring the cold she stood naked in her room and said: “In Jesus name, I will not die, Satan you have no power over me. She prayed and sang till she started sweating. and the cold and every symptom of sickness disappeared.

Delivery date came and passed but there was no contraction or sign of the baby coming. After two weeks, she started bleeding, went to the hospital but she was told she was 1cm dilated. So the nurses gave her a bed and promptly ignored her.

She was there from morning to evening but nobody came to check her or attend to her. She told the nurses she was worried because she was still bleeding and the baby’s movement have stopped. But they ignored her. She called her husband to come and help her home. Since she was there with no checkup or medication administered.
The next day was a Saturday, the church she attends their program were to have one that day. She went there but they had a vigil the previous day so the program was cancelled. So she came back home, and laid down in the sitting room where she slept off. She said she saw a very tall person in white, so tall she could not see his face. He told her where to go and have her baby. She told him but “I do not know your name.” He said “you do not need to know my name, I am your helper, and you will have your baby before 4pm.” Then she woke up and realized it was a dream, it was after twelve in the afternoon. She went to find the midwife because she didn’t know who the midwife was neither does she know where she stays. One of the people she asked did not only know her but was on her way to her place.

Funny enough the midwife was not far from their street. She went there, was checked. The midwife said she could feel no fetal movement and she had been bleeding, so she doesn’t know if she is equipped for that. But the woman told her to do her part and God will handle the rest.

She was induced, told to go home and come back when the contractions get consistent. All these while there was no contraction. Within an hour of coming back, the contraction came back to back. She went back to the midwife and had her baby boy by 3pm. He was healthy but blood entered his eyes which cleared up after some days.

All the while she told me the story, my mouth open. I told her of my impression to pray for her. Apparently I was not the only one but the other person had called. Prayed with her and took her to her church where she was prayed for.

God loves all His children. He has called us all to be intercessors. We all have that impression to call someone. Pray for someone or do something for someone which we ignore or think our way out of. The devil will not want you to be good. So when those thoughts come do not see it as you disturbing the person or something not necessary. He/she may or may not tell you when you do it but we have to learn to start obeying those promptings. That is what I took from this experience

I have learnt to start obeying more because I use to rationalize those thoughts. Before this incidence. If I had ignored, God would have told someone else. And I would have missed the opportunity to be used.

If you were the one would you have obeyed immediately?

Have you had any of such prompting to do something for someone?

What did you do about it?

How did it go?

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