The Golden Son

Imagine you have a grown child. He comes home one day, tells you about his friend. Who is stranded, and he wants the person to come stay in the house. You allow the person in, not minding the type of person the friend is because that is your son. You will do anything for him.

Besides you have everything available for you. So it’s not as if the person’s coming will put a strain on your finances or anything of sort. You saying yes, is not because of the friend but because of your son and the love you have for him. If this will make him happy, then I will do it.

The friend comes to the house. One day, he wants something and he says. Your son said I should come and meet you for this. Because of that password, You give him what he wants (I have heard of people with influence. and the best way to get them to help you is through their children).

The friend cannot say: “I am a good person and I have been taking care of this house and everything in it. so you have to give me what I want.” well… except he is crazy.

The visitor starts helping out in the house and running errands. Listens to your advice and does all you say. You hear about all the good things he says about your son and he’s so grateful for every thing (little or big) you do for him. These will endear him to you. You will not love him more than your son. but you will love him and do all he asks because you see he appreciates what your son did for him.

If he is disrespectful and flaunts orders. You can take it for a while because he came through your son. You can even say. “Son it’s because of you I am tolerating this friend.” But if it continues, you will have no choice than to take measures.

In another scenario, if he comes and goes without any interaction between you two. no move for friendship or closeness. all effort to bring him close is rebuffed or ignored. He greets in the morning and night when he sees you outside on his way out. He will definitely have access to the basic necessities in the house because he is a member or stays there. but there will be no extra benefit. He can even come home hungry. Maybe you kept food for him. you waited for him to come and greet you when he returns so you can direct him to where his food is. But he came and went straight to the room without talking to anyone. Even when he was told that you want to see him. He complained he was tired then went to lie down instead. He will not get the food and will go to bed hungry.


Now this is what Jesus did. He gave us access to God’s house. God accepted us because of him. Our good deeds did not get us there. He is the golden boy son of God. So long as you come through him, God accepts you. (Rom5:2, John14:6)

Everything good we do is in appreciation of what Christ did for us. Like the first scenario with the friend. those good deeds, getting to know God and being close to him. shows God we appreciate what his son did and he draws us closer, revealing himself to us.(Romans4)

The second scenario, if we reject him, we insult what his son did and his hospitality.

The third scenario, we ignore him, we deprive ourselves of his best.

This took pressure off me and increased my faith. I am not accepted based on who I was or I am but on the finished work of Christ. So when I go before God all those thoughts of am I good enough, will he help me? E.t.c does not matter because he is seeing the name that recommended me and not what I did or did not do (Eph1:7). Those thoughts are just the devil’s ploy to hinder us.

Yes I accept I am not good enough and will never be. But I come boldly in the name of Jesus to the throne of the gracious God. There I will receive mercy, and will find grace to help me when I need it (Heb 4:16). The gratitude for what He has done is what motivates and helps us not to sin

This is what has been going through my mind all weekend. I have been going over it and meditating on it. So it can sink in. the worries about if I am worthy is clearing off. Because it’s not even about me in the first place but Jesus. That’s who God sees and is still seeing. If I want to get in God’s good book, I come through Jesus, his name, his blood… in fact anything him and I have God’s attention. Because He’s the beloved son in whom God is well pleased.

What sort of family member are you in this house?

Friendly and grateful?


Could care less?

or the type that thinks…

My good deeds and activities should earn me points?


PS: 90 more days to Evado’s (Children)stories book launch!!!



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