The Eye

My girls were playing beside me outside while I worked…few minutes later they was a scuffle.

Tori wanted to sit down but mischievous as usual Nuggie stretched her leg out and told her to find somewhere else to sit.

“Nuggie bring down your leg, I want to sit down.” Tori said.

“No, sit somewhere else.” She answered with her hand holding on firmly and her small legs stretched as far as they could go.

I watched them covertly to see where it will lead. Tori tried pushing her but she did not budge by then she was already teary.

When she saw she was not making any headway, she came to report her to me.

“Mummy, Nuggie won’t allow me sit down.”  She said in a tear filled voice.

“Go back and tell her to stand up,” I answered

“I told her but she refused,” she wailed

“Go and tell her again,” I insisted.

Then she turned towards her and said… “Nuggie I want to sit down remove your leg.”

Tori could not see my face behind her but Nuggie did; she was about shaking her head in refusal, but when she looked up and saw me giving her ‘the eye’ (a classic perfected by mothers that work on all children, young/old), she brought down her legs and adjusted for Tori  who sat down.

While I returned to my work it occurred to me, Nuggie did not bring down her legs nor adjust because Tori asked but because she saw me behind her and she recognized my authority…the same way the devil recognizes Jesus authority and power when we say in Jesus name.

When we know and recognize the power we carry when we call on the name, it means the devil is not seeing puny Ufedo anymore who he can resist if she comes by herself but he sees God giving him ‘the eye’ behind Ufedo and he just have to adjust or flee.

The issue now is do we know the power that we exhibit or the magnitude of what we have called?

Do we know who’s got our back?

Do we have the assurance that even when we do not see immediate manifestation, we know the devil knows who is in charge and will clear even if he tries to resist for a while, just like a child can prove stubborn and resist the eye but if the mother maintains the look without giving in the child will give in?

When you say in Jesus name, what comes to mind? The full stop that completes our prayer or like Elisha and his servant countless angels ready to battle for our sake because of the name?

Next time I say in Jesus name situation change!…I will be imagining myself as my daughter when she says “I will tell mummy/daddy for you and the other one readjusting sharply because they know that’s higher power and I will also imagine God through his angels giving the devil ‘the eye’ and daring him to not obey my command because like the bible said every knee must bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord and even if I don’t see the change immediately I will still hold on because I know, he cannot resist that power for long.

I just love when the Holy Spirit simplifies things for me…this is so easy

what’s your understanding of the name and how has it given the devil ‘the eye’ for you?


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