The Airtime That  Was Mine…

​I had earlier exhausted my mobile phone’s airtime, so my husband transferred another airtime credit directly to my phone (which he told me). But I forgot, I didn’t have any cash with me and I needed to make a call, I had to wait till I used the ATM machine. Still I could only get little airtime credit since I had a plan for the money I withdrew.

    My calls were short and there was no luxury of talking at my pace, because I felt I had to use the airtime I got sparingly.

    When I called my mom, she had a whole lot of things to fill me in on.   I just thought, what the heck! Even though my airtime is not much, let her talk.I will get another one, or ask my husband for another one.

    She kept talking and there was no warning from my network provider. I kept listening while waiting for the warning or cutoff. But there was nothing till we both finished and hung up.

    Wondering what was up, I decided to take a look at the balance shown… Ha! What happened? Then I remembered the top up my husband had done for me days earlier.
    I had thought I was living within my supposed means, meanwhile I have abundance available for me.

     Then I remembered all the calls I didn’t make and the information I needed to pass but couldn’t, not knowing there was enough for as much calls as I wanted to make.

    It made me wonder and take a hard look at my life… Where do I have abundance but due to ignorance, I am managing in lack

    Where can I easily ask for help but I am struggling helplessly because I didn’t know…?

    Have you ever forgotten money in your pocket, and you were strapped for cash before? Then one day, you discover the money sitting pretty, waiting for you where it had been all along? 

    Most of us don’t know what we have… So we remain in a small tight corner, managing what we “think” we have like I did.

    Do you know what you have?

    Can you take the time to find out?

    Do you know how to find out?


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