That Selah moment

I learnt how to drive recently, therefore there are few situations on the highway am wary of. For instance overtaking; am not sure if the space is wide enough for my car, also when am driving on a single lane and there’s an oncoming vehicle especially a big one, I freeze, cos I am not sure I can successfully maneuver my way out if I keep moving.I always pray not to experience any of these scenarios but…

So, I was going to drop the children at school, there was traffic, I entered a single lane, vehicles were behind me, parked on both sides of the road and several oncoming, as usual, I became scared and I froze.

I have to move for those behind me to continue and clear the way for those coming, cars and bikes were honking back and forth but I wasn’t budging (I was hoping the cars that double parked will move so there will be more space but no such luck. A passerby saw me and decided to help, “Madam, you can pass now, turn a little, keep moving, oya de go.” Finally I drove out of there.

While coming back, at that spot, the Holy Spirit told me, “can you remember how you held everyone ransom earlier? That is how you hold people ransom when you refuse to use the gifts, ideas, opportunities, wisdom e.t.c that God gives you. Those things are not for only you.

When you use them, there’s a ripple effect to a lot of people you cannot even fathom. Whatever you do,It’s not your life or decisions to make alone, people are attached to you who need you to use your gifts and ideas for them to move forward in life. Next time you want to think of being scared, lazy, or bring up any excuse to stop yourself, remember this.

When I heard this… In fact am still shocked!!

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