something called essence... remember it?

The Tail and The Glue

I have a human tail

Make that three tails

Tagging unto the legs and the butt

Whatever location is available

They sniff me out

They knock and wail if I lock the door


My tails are adorable

But mummy is not comfortable

I need a breather

From the clings of the chubby hands


I miss the clings from the chubby hands

Tag on my lovely tails

For this glue that holds you to me,

Will not hold forever


As you move on to other things to attach to

remember this mummy is the first attachable

when your glue seems to fade

I have some glue in my bossom

To renew the hold


3 thoughts on “The Tail and The Glue

  1. Reply
    zizywrites - January 11, 2018

    Just like you
    I have three tails too! ☺

    1. Reply
      Ufedo Love - January 12, 2018

      Lol…tail gang! we love them like that

      1. Reply
        zizywrites - January 12, 2018

        Oh yes! We do. ♥ ☺

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