My Five Senses and I…

I saw this on nwanyiakamu_global’s  page. If you are grinding and working at something or praying and expecting but it seems there is no way, hope or results… Take this from someone who has been there, done that and has the badge for it… She said… “Listen God hasn’t promised you there won’t be obstacles, he just promised you a way out… Stop whining at your challenges, face it and deal with it. Tomorrow we go back and finish it up. Ijeoma why are you confident? My God dropped this product(idea) in my mind. He never tells you to do […]

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I see and hear mothers asking for food or things to give their children that will make them fat. When my sister had her baby, they tried everything to make her add weight; no matter what she ate, she never added rather she got stronger and very fresh. I do not really blame those who want their children chubby because that’s the accepted norm for healthiness as seen by most. My children are usually chubby while being exclusively breastfed but during the transition between breast milk only to food with milk, they drop (as in drastically), two of them added over […]

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