Surprises And Sprouting Seeds

I was putting things in place before we all go out to school and work. My husband had to go get something from the nearby shop. so he left with Nuggie. Usually when they hear the sound of a door opening, they asked (more like cried) to go along.

When I heard the sound of the door. I steeled myself in preparation of what was to come next. “mummy, daddy went with only Nuggie, he didn’t go with me.” Then comes the waterworks.

Rather than that, what I heard was

“Mummy, who is opening the door?”

“Daddy and Nuggie.” I replied.

“Are they going out?”

“Yes.” I answered again.

“Mummy, I am shutting the door, I will stay here. Nuggie and daddy can go.Let them go and come back.”

Huh?! I paused and turned to look at her. No complaint, no tears, no running to catch up with them. she shut the door and sat on the bed.

The usual was, one daughter cries when one goes out without the other.Sometimes the tears is because one person left the other behind while they were walking. Or finished a task or chore before the other.

We always tell them. You must not go everywhere together. Or its okay for her to finish before you just make sure you put in your best effort and finish that’s all.

The tears usually continued. But we kept at it even though it didn’t look like they were getting our explanation.

Today Tori surprised me by showing that the explanations were not in vain. they hear me all right. With that I discovered,if we keep at it. we will see the seeds sprout beautifully.

Have you felt your efforts were not yielding fruits and then wham! they surprised you?

What seeds have you seen sprouting in your children?

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3 Responses to “Surprises And Sprouting Seeds

  • Yes. Children always learn even though they don’t show it immediately but consistency is key.
    I remember that my first daughter always cries and gets annoyed when something like clothes or shoes is bought for her younger sister. One day we went to the market today and picked a shoe for her younger sister. I was ready for her drama 😂 but to my surprise, she didn’t even budge. She even told her sister that her shoes were beautiful. I paused for a moment in surprise. I gave her a high five for not reacting negativity, then came the big one. She said “mummy, it’s not good to cry when someone has something and you don’t. You just say nice things to the person and be happy. I’m a big girl. I’m growing!” and that made my day.

    • Sorry, auto correct typo ☺
      We went to the market to pick ***

    • Ufedo Love
      2 years ago

      Awww… that’s so sweet. Nothing beats the melting of heart when you see God watering your efforts in your children.

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