Suddy Move

I was giving Tori and Nugie a bath; I told Tori to close her eyes while I washed her face, her sister was also given the same instruction. Usually, when I tell them to shut their eyes, they always ask if it was okay to open their eyes.

After using the washcloth on Nugie’s face, I told her to open her eyes and she did but Tori assumed since I told her sister to open her eyes, then it was okay to open hers as well.

Wrong move! what she didn’t realize was, there was soapsuds close to her eyes and she just needed to blink and in it goes; which was why I didn’t give her that instruction but I had wrung out the extra water and soap before using the cloth on Nugie’s face, being the reason for the go-ahead.

Here she is jumping at the sting; I had to pause to attend to the situation, while Nugie looked on clear eyed in amusement.

Thinking about this later, I realized, I am not made to jump onto everything that looks or sounds good.

Also everyone has a gift and calling even if they may be similar, instructions are different

There’s a reason why God says wait and whenever I feel my mates are moving ahead therefore I should move, I risk soap suds in my eye.

Finally, my instruction may not be same as yours, and even if it were; our time/steps are different so there’s no room for comparison.

Do you feel pressure to move? I read in Cindy Jacobs The Voice of God, that when the devil sees he cannot succeed in derailing you from God’s path, he puts pressure on you to move, doing that will be out of God’s timing and failure.

I have had countless instances, where I feel this pressure to just do something, anything and most times the result wasn’t pretty.

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