Spectacular versus Ordinary

There was light last night but I felt lazy to stand up from the bed. As I rolled from one side to the other contemplating whether to stand up to pray and write or go back to sleep. I heard a beep beep sound from a phone, giving a low battery warning. In the midst of this light? I thought as I quickly rolled out of bed to plug it before PHCN change their mind.

As my feet touched the floor, a thought occurred to me. That is how you find yourself in different situations of lack and want when you are in the midst of plenty. I discovered I have been looking out and most times praying for the next big thing. when God has equipped me with all that pertain to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3).

I have always prayed for God to open my eyes to my purpose or the talent He gave me. but I never looked at writing as my talent or as a big part of my purpose. When I saw other people’s gifts and craft I say God what did you give me? Please reveal it to me.

Until when God’s encounter with Moses and the burning bush. with Jesus feeding the crowd with five loaves of bread and two fishes took on a new meaning for me one day. First, God asked Moses, what do you have in your hand? Then the disciples are looking for what to feed the multitude. thinking the boys loaf of bread and fishes was nothing. compared with the multitude gathered. That sounded like me… with all these wonderful writers around, I shouldn’t consider what I write a talent. But the rod went ahead to swallow snake and part the red sea and also bring water from a rock. The five loaves and two fishes went ahead to feed a multitude with baskets of leftovers.

Last night, my husband and I were talking and I realised the incidence of my last post. Having that impression to pray for someone was not my first time. There have been time I have had those impressions. I called and the person tells me weeks or days later the call was timely. or times I ignored and I hear the person had a situation around that time. We always pray for God to use us but He is already giving us tasks we ignore because we are looking for the spectacular.

I am reading Sunday Adelaja’s book “who am I, why I am here?” in chapter 7 which he subtitled how to find your calling he asks: “what do you like to do naturally? What would you love to do, even if you were not paid for it? What are you good at? What gives you the most satisfaction? What do people notice about you? For what qualities in you do people like the most? What makes you different from others? What can you do without preparation? What can you do without noticing the time? What would you stay alone with? What would you prefer to stay alone with? What do yo like to read, listen, and talk about? What do you think about most often? What could you do so intensely that you forget about meals? What inspires you? Where do your love and hate meet?” These and more should give a clue to your purpose and calling.

It’s the end of the year and some of us have been praying for God to move in our situation. but He is waiting for us to move with what he has given us. I have heard of people who say they have no talent. but the journey to discovering it will mean the change you seek in your life, home, finances and walk with God. God is too wise to make anyone without a plan or purpose. Those things you do which you overlook? Think back and check them out again while you ask God to illuminate what you need to see through the Holy Spirit.

End the year with this discovery. And begin the new year with a clearer picture of what you should be working towards day by day. like we say in Nigeria… What you are looking for in Sokoto is in your shokoto. It all lies within you. The spectacular is in the ordinary.

PS: 53 more days to the book launch of Evados children storybook series


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