Something Called Essence…Remember It?

A friend sent me a message recently, in her words she said “I am craftless, help me.” I share this because it was a very ironic statement. While we were in school, she was the go to person for everything. From electronics repair, to phones, clothes e.t.c. whatever you want mended or repaired, she will figure it out; with no formal training whatsoever.


She was bursting with creativity and I wished I could do half of the things she did. She topped that up with a formal training in fashion design.


She has been busy with marriage and children, so she has forgotten that girl and how to find her.


When she asked me that question, I realized this issue is not peculiar to me or her alone.


In as much as there are fortunate women who knew early enough how to keep the scale balanced. There are some of us like my friend and I who did not know when we let things slide, pushed ourselves to the background while everything else came first.


I had to remind her of the girl I knew and what she could do. Listing them out, she did not even recognize that girl anymore; tentatively she started going back and believing. When we were through, she said thanks for rekindling the zeal in me… she had it all along


Just like you do… outwardly, it may look like you have it all but inside, you do not feel complete something may be missing… maybe, just maybe your essence is tired of waiting for you.


This does not mean you have to become a president, become the biggest owner alone… it can be something as simple as being a Sunday school teacher, learn a musical instrument e.t.c one of the people I interviewed, her mother in law went to learn painting and art in her fifties, she does marvelous artwork. This is from a gift she discovered accidentally.


We all have something that comes easily to us, something we love doing, something we will not mind doing for free… These should help you connect the dots.


Are you scared that it may be too late?


Do you think you do not even have anything to look for in the first place?


Are you scared of being disappointed?


It may take time but you have to find her… look for her… for a balanced home, peace and soul.




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