Social Media and 2017

I do not know about you but I love social media and what it has done for me in 2017. In 2016, I was among the group that regarded the internet with disdain as a cesspit of nonsense and time wasting(how myopic). But in 2017 I was fortunate enough to come across the different colours of rainbow that is the internet.

It’s a virtual space that if used right… I have met a whole lot of amazing people that have been my cloud of witness and mentored me freely without even realizing it.

I started my blog this year and with that single step, my horizon has exploded with ideas too numerous to mention.

Before 2017, I never knew who Jumoke Adenowo, Charismatic Charles of breaking the coconut, Ahdora speaks, Tolu Ijogun, Nellies of Naijabrandchik, Tracia of Triciabiz, John Obidi and SmartBcamp, Steve Harris and Jimi Tewe, Chibuzo of the incubators, Hephzibahfrances, Edirin Edewor and a host of others were. But this year, as my cloud of witnesses, they have prodded and pushed till a young wife and mother in a backwater town is here. Exploding in your faces.

A conversation between Tolu Ijogun and TY Bello which she posted, sparked my first children storybook which would be launched by February 18th, 2018.

A post from Tope Olagbegi sparked an idea for a novel for teenagers in the works. (in fact when I came across her page I wrote, note to self: read up all her post)

A post from Jumoke Adenowo sparked an idea for a Women of Faith book which is also coming out 2018.

An instalive by Omilolo Oshikoya introduced me to the online prayer group Kstonecc and another by Nwanyiakamu opened my eyes to business and finance on a huge scale.

A post from Subomi Plumptre woke me up to investment and savings.

A regran from Yemisi Vese directed me to one of my best decision yet Daniel Book Club.

I learnt water walking faith from Esther Longe, Doitafraid is now my middle name, if not how do you explain a formerly shy and introverted lady organising a meet up for writers in Kogi State by January at the prompting of Akerele Joseph Omojesu whom I met on facebook.

What is your social media doing for you?

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