Sneak Preview: Spouse Support


Meet Olori Anita Ajayi…

She is a power house of wisdom. This was the fiery one who confidently went for whatever she wants. Is it hard? Of course it is but since God gave the go ahead she went ahead. She had a lot to say and I didn’t want her to stop talking…

 She said…

 “The problem is that women use too much physical and head knowledge to try and convince their husbands. Let me tell you woman, you are not alone. In most homes it’s a cause for concern, especially when one partner is feeling the financial pressure (in some cases, it’s the woman bearing all the financial burden and she’s fed up)
Cry if you must, but don’t give up on your dream because someone does not believe in it. Don’t leave your happiness and validation to him. Happiness is a choice. He’s made you question yourself and you are starting to doubt. You can’t give up. Sit up and look at your life and your business – what is causing the slow growth? You cannot blame him, you are in a partnership.



 Give your husband something GOOD to believe in and own it and stop playing business. Choose a lane and own it. He should not only support but invest! *

I was counseling a woman recently and she was crying that her husband does not support her; he does not have a job blablabla. I told her look at you, and it is coming out of your mouth like that, do you know who you are in his life? He, who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor from God. So you are the problem. *

If you cannot bring that man to a good place where he can find favor then you are the problem. Because the day he found you he was suppose to have found the good and perfect things of life. Enough of my husband does not do this or that… you better stay on your knees until you see a desired result…”

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