Sneak Preview: God’s plan


Honestly, when I met Grace, I misjudged her. When I reached out to her, she said why? I had no straight answer to that, because I just felt led…She is not married, neither does she have children and she is very young! so… She doesn’t fit the criteria in my opinion. But I was not searching for my opinion, so I felt God knew why He led me to her.
When she opened her mouth, I knew this is not about single, married, male or female.
She said…

…one of the things I battle with, is when I hear people say, Oh, don’t go to that place, when you go there, they will corrupt you!” we hide a lot from things we are suppose to go to and make changes in. the Bible says you don’t light a candle and put it under a bushel, rather you put it where you can shine the light for all to see. The picture that comes to my mind is, in the place where there is darkness, when you put on the light, it overshadows the darkness. 

Why then do we now turn it the other way and think that if you being the light, gets to a place where there is darkness, the darkness will cover you? we don’t go into these places, and then the people of the world, go into these places and they will succeed, we see them and we envy and marvel…we feel being a Christian is just going to church, cleaning seats in the church and other activities but its way beyond that.
God wants to be involved in everything, he gave us the gift in the first place. He is the source of creativity, and I can’t imagine him running out of ideas…we either do not go to some of these places or we hide from them and because light is not going in there, and the people of the world will keep going in there, while we stay in one corner and keep looking. We are not called to the Church, we are called to the world!
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