Sensitivity and Self sabotage…

I have never been so glad I wrote a children storybook-like today. My first motivation for the book was my children and today was a case of physician heal thyself…

There’s a program on Nickelodeon, NOObees. When it was coming out newly, 🤔 it didn’t sit well with me. But I felt I was being too rigid, ignored my misgivings and allowed my children to watch it.

My first red flag was when my fours years old daughter asked,

“Mummy why is David looking at Sylvia like that?” (the two teenage characters, in fact, all the characters are in relationships). I tried trivializing it… “oh its nothing, he likes her that is all.”

The misgivings grew, but I was beginning to follow the series, it was becoming interesting and I didn’t want to stop.

On Tuesday, we just finished an episode when Nuggie spoke up,

“Mummy I want to have a boyfriend😲

“Why do you want to have a boyfriend?” I asked as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“Everyone has a boyfriend, I want one too🙆‍♀️

I thought I had plenty of time to get to this day. Obviously, I was wrong

They know some programs, words e.t.c are restricted but I broke the hedge and it became a gateway for what we were avoiding.

When I told them no more NOObees, Tori said, “why? it teaches us to play games very well😏🙄

Today, my husband used “Mary and No” one of the stories in my children’s storybook to drive home my previous lecture on peer pressure and abuse.

We need to keep editing/deleting our habits and guilty pleasures daily if we must win the battle over our children.

What signs am I ignoring?

What am I indulging in that is improper for my children?

What am I finding hard to let go of?

Will you continue pouring sand in your garri?

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