Self Education… My Education

My husband and I attended a small surprise birthday party weeks ago alongside my husband; So I looked forward to it because this is my first time attending a surprise party. While we were enjoying the beautiful ambience of the waterside, watching the twinkling stars and the light reflection move along with the waves, the celebrant came in. The guests were all smiling, were we not to sing or shout surprise or something? At least that’s what happens in movies right?

Standing on shaky legs, I ignored the voice telling me ‘oversabi. Did they call you? are you the only one here? did you hear them say they need someone? are you better than those sitting down… etc?’

I yelled, ‘surprise!’ And proceeded to start a birthday song, one by one the other guests joined in as I proceeded to play the role of MC for my first surprise birthday party. It was our first time in their circle, so we (my husband and I) were the newbie in the group. I was proud of myself. How did I meet the couple? I overheard the man talking about his NGO and the program he was putting together. ‘Are you interested in a volunteer? I asked him. And that was how I got onto their radar.

Why is this big deal?

I rarely talk in public or initiate conversations. But a few years ago I realized nobody is waiting to hand things to you. Speak up or move aside! but I don’t want to move aside anymore. Shyness a.k.a timidity and being an introvert was no longer a believable excuse. So I have been learning how to speak up in public, make the first move and push myself forward even when I don’t know what to say.

Most of us grew up under parents/families that did the best they knew in raising us, and environments that molded us in the only way it could. It may not have been perfect nor sufficient, but it was what they knew, the best way they knew.

The crux of it is does education and training end when you leave the house or school?

Do you keep complaining about your parent’s lapses in raising you?

Do you keep complaining about your school or government’s failure in doing the right thing? or you seek ways to improve on what you have and who you are?

I recently read the story of Mr. Nnamdi Ezeigbo, the CEO of SLOT and brain behind the Tecno and Infinix brand. After two years of job hunting with his Electrical Engineering certificate, he decided to become an apprentice and learn Computer Engineering at a friend’s shop. He said he attended seminars and training that was relevant to what he is doing today. There is a difference between a trained Oga computer repairer and a Computer Engineer, and he took steps to cross that line.

Most of us grew up with mindsets and mentalities that need upgrading and only self-education can take you from clueless and ignorant to confidently posh.

Therefore, self-education is acquiring knowledge or skills by yourself, in addition to what you are taught by a teacher at school or a parent at home. If you are shy of public speaking or of being noticed, maybe as a result of being told to keep quiet most of your life, learn how to move past it.

If you have been criticized and put down most of your life, dumped by both friends and family, learn to love yourself.

If no one showed or taught you how to invest or save, now you have no idea how to earn more or judiciously utilize the little you have effectively, learn self-discipline, savings, investment, and business if you have to.

If you are quick to blame the system that didn’t teach you adequately, well it’s done, deal with it.

If you didn’t grow with examples of good relationships; rather than sit and stew in your ignorance, learn and surround yourself with good examples, let yours be different.

I discovered self-education never ends, and it’s not easy. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will make you successful as a parent, spouse, and friend, in your finances or business/career, e.t.c. however it will put you on the right path to being one.

When was your last self checkup?

What did you discover?

What are you doing to educate yourself in those areas?

What are you waiting for?


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