Schooling Mummy… it’s a New Generation Baby!

So you know how as a child, when you ask your mother: “Mummy where should I put this or where is this? and they reply with, ” put it on my head or give you one brain reset answer or the other…
Well, me I was feeling like a Mummy and decided to use that line too. Infact I have been waiting for the opportunity and it just happened to present itself.
Tori and Nuggie are in the bathroom about to take their bath. Nuggie came to ask, “Mummy where is the sponge? Note: the sponge is in its usual position, she picks it from there everyday.
I looked at her and looked at the sponge, then I said, why don’t you check inside my nose?
Tori who was already with hers paused and turned, they both looked at me blankly for some seconds. Then Tori said, ” Mummy, why will you say that to a child?
Ha! That’s not how the script use to go fa!
They were still waiting for my reply… So I was properly chastised. I meekly said, “I’m sorry, that was wrong.” and madam said thank you. Then I pointed her to the sponge as I jejely should have done in the first place.
Kai, I am being schooled walahi

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