The Rhyme and the Stubborn Quest…

I have always wanted two girls and a boy… “maybe” another boy making it four. but that will be a very unlikely probability. Three is my perfect number, That is what I always prayed for as long as I could remember. I wanted both sex but I preferred the girls to be ratio 2:1.
When I had my daughter, I changed the rhyme to two… I don’t want three anymore, just two Lord. Give me a boy next and I am okay.
During my second pregnancy, I believed it was a boy. I bought everything in blue. Gave the baby a male name, referred to it as ‘he’ I refused asking for the sex during scan, I “knew” it was a boy already, so no need. All the pregnancy signs were different from when I had my first child. Thus, I assumed that was another confirmation. declared, proclaimed and did it all.
Ten months later, I had the shortest delivery… within thirty minutes of getting to the hospital, I had my baby. My husband had been waiting for me with the delivery bag. The nurse had asked I come in for check up to know how far along I was. Next thing a nurse came to meet him: “you are here pressing your phone when your wife has put to bed! He was shocked, because the delivery bag was still with him and there was no drama.
Anyhoo… I asked the nurse for the sex of the baby. She said girl… In those few seconds, I think the angels and the devil where waiting to know my reaction. But I was too stubborn to give up.
I was being cleaned up, right there on the delivery table, I shut my eyes and I told God. Father, I thank you for safe delivery and a healthy baby (I could hear her cry beside me while she was being cleaned too). If you had wanted me to have all girls, you would have made only girls. but since you made us male and female, that means I can have a boy. I want to know what it’s like to have a boy; like you… thank you for the next one will be a boy in Jesus name. I muttered the prayer that the nurses and attendant won’t even know if I was saying something or not.
I had given out most of my daughters clothe… so we had to get feminine clothe for her. she was dressed and wrapped in blue like a boy I thought she was going to be. It took a while to give her a name.
After almost a month of prayerfully searching, we named her Destiny. while still retaining the native name initially planned since it was unisex.
Then, I took in again… this time; I was at peace, whatever God’s will was. I had told Him what I wanted on the delivery table so, I trusted his choice whatever it will be. I did not bother praying for sex again, I had done that before conception on the delivery table of my second child. My prayer was on healthy baby.
At the time of life, I had a boy! Samuel Iko-ojo (God’s time)
From this I learnt to remain stubborn in my quest. There will be times (like I had) when you have done all and things still remain the same or get worse. Dig in and cry if you have to… by all means keep asking, seeking, moving, for your miracle will come. It may be in different phases, in spurts or it may even flow but there is a miracle in every birth.
How did you get your miracle… breakthrough, provision, marriage, childbirth e.t.c?
How did you ignore the shame and still step out in faith?
Do you have a rhyme you are reciting and are you stubborn in seeing it flesh out?

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