The Ready Task And The Preferred Messenger

I am reading this book that is discussing the will of God and the work that Moses did. The writer said something that struck a chord. He said God was already at work around Moses. The Israelite were ready to be saved and a land was already waiting somewhere to be occupied by them. God invited Moses to become involved with Him in his work.
I understood from this that God was already doing or has done the work behind the scenes. He wants/chooses a human/physical representative who will carry out what he has already put in place.
I thought of this and looked at what I am doing and where I am. He has worked it all out; I am the human representative he has chosen to carry it out. That does not mean things will be rosy… he knows about the stammering. timidity, fear of standing in front of crowd, rebellion, insults, attacks, red sea, wars e.t.c. but he still preferred Moses for the important task of leading the multitudes out of Egypt. The way he prefers me for where I am and what I do.
The book went further to say… “At the time God was about to deliver the children of Israel. The important factor was not what the will of God was for Moses. The important factor was what the will of God was for Israel. God’s purpose was to deliver the children of Israel. Moses was the one through whom God wanted to work to do that…”
Two things stand out for me here, no make that three…
God accomplishes His work through people and that is what He is doing with me in his blog/Vlog, books and speaking. You and I are the Moses he has chosen flaws, warts and all.
It’s not about me… I am the wrapping for delivering the package. There is a whole bigger picture.
He knows about engagements, sales hiccups, laptop issues and what not. But one thing is certain… The sea will still part, the pillar of cloud and fire is ready. the manna still falls at dawn, the fight for Canaan is still there to be won. but most importantly… He wants his people delivered to Canaan.
I ask you just as I ask myself…
Have you considered the bigger picture of what it is that you do?
Will they be delivered to Canaan?
Have you seen it is not all about me or you?

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