Are You Ready For Your Requests And Expectations?

During our morning devotion today, we read Matthew 20 and something occurred to me. I discovered the two blind men who cried out to Jesus, kept saying “Lord have mercy on us.” Until Jesus stopped and asked, “What do you want me to do for you?” before they said what they wanted from Jesus.
I was thinking about this and I asked God… Father, look at what I saw. They did not say what they wanted and it was only Lord have mercy on us they kept saying till you stopped. Was it the lord have mercy that got your attention or the fact that they did not give up? Does saying Lord have mercy get your attention?
You know you said in plenty places in your word that we should prove you. so I want to prove this place, and see what you will say.
So, I was praying Lord have mercy on me throughout my morning functions and till I got to the bathroom. while brushing my teeth and still praying Lord have mercy on me. I thought, how will I know when He is asking what do you want me to do for you? But I brushed the concern aside and told myself I will know.
As I entered the bathtub I heard in my spirit… Ufedo, if I ask what do you want me to do for you, what will you say? I paused because in my bid for encounter I had not thought of that.
So I started sifting through my prayer requests in my head for which one to present. my children… no. my husband…no. myself…no. Nigeria…no. ask for an encounter with God… no, that will not be enough… how about wisdom like Solomon did it will help me resolve the rest… and so I went up and down.
At that moment it occurred to me that, I did not know what I wanted… Oh I have a list as long as my hand of things I want results to. but I cannot come up with one thing that I really wanted. So, I decided to sort myself out before I approached God again…
Sometimes, we are not ready for the answers to our requests… I have heard people say if I am given this certain amount of money or this so so opportunity. what i will do with it will blow your mind. Ask what, and the answer will be, let me have it first. Dig deep and the answer you get is generalization, no specific or clear cut reply.
If your desire is 50k for instance and you cannot say 10k for maybe plates. another 10k for spoons, 10k for rice, 10k for tomatoes e.t.c. but your reply goes I will use it for food, what type of food, when I get to the market I will know. Or for business, what type of business? Anyone that will bring money… or job… any job, so long as I have salary and pay my bills.
We believe that some things are the answers to all our life issues. But have we sat down to check if we are prepared for the answer? I have realized, we must not have the full picture but we must have the sketch.
What are you searching for, praying for, requesting for…?
Can you write down in a clear cut way what you will do with it when you get it?
That can give you an inkling on how to get it… you never can tell.

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