Puzzle Piece

Light has been erratic lately(well…what’s new), the times I charge my phone with the generator, since its always in use the battery leaks out like water in a basket.

When I got to the office today, I had to send a mail, my laptop, phone and the desktop were dead, including the UPS and for some reason the generator was not on.

The only UPS still alive was that of my Coordinator which he gave me; I tried plugging the CPU but it refused coming on, so I plugged my phone directly to it, so I can send the mail, since I had the info on the phone also.

Few minutes later, my assistant came in and had a low battery too but there was no space available, and then he suggested:

“Why don’t we connect an extension to it, so more people can charge theirs?” that hadn’t occurred to me so I gave him the go ahead. I was able to charge my laptop and phone, his phone and two others.

It reminded me of Funke Adejumo’s sermon I listened to recently; ‘Help is coming’ she said we all need help from birth to death…you need someone to bring you out at birth and to put you in at death.

Through life…people were there to feed you, change you, teach you in school, e.t.c.

There is nothing like a self-made man…no one made in isolation and no one has all the ideas either…

I think that is the part of the blue print of creation and life, we are intrinsically linked whether we like it or not. We need help to move to the next level… the driver driving you, the cleaner putting your house/office in other, the gate man guarding your house, opening gates for your car…I could go on and on.

Like the instance in my office, I had an issue I needed resolved, I looked for a solution, someone gave me the UPS with only two outlet for connection, so I was able to help only one person but someone else came and brought another solution that could help me more and a lot more people, making my result bigger and better than what I initially envisioned.

In as much as we are not to accept ‘every’ help, I am also realizing God will not give us all the parts of the puzzle; we each have a part to bring together to make it a whole picture, and I need you to bring your piece so mine can make more sense

helping someone is indirectly helping yourself…the result may not be seen by you but it will link to someone, who will link to another person and so the chain goes till it returns back to you but your refusal to help today can deprive you not today…maybe years down the line.

the beautiful thing about God and creation is…you do not have monopoly on help; if you do not do it, someone else can do it bigger and better…chew on that when you pump up in self-importance!

when you say what does he/she has to offer or I can never come down to the point of needing your help…well, that may be true… but they have something to offer to someone who has something to offer you on your journey.

We all have different shades of help…not only monetary help

What types of help do you know?

How has help worked for you?

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