Proverbs 5:15-20 (AMP) Against temptations and infidelity

My husband (his name) drinks water from his own cistern(me)
And fresh running water from his own well.

His springs (children) shall not be dispersed,
As streams of water in the streets? (No Children born out-of-wedlock for him)

my husband is confined to only me; his wife.] His children are ours alone,
And not the children of strangers with us.

I am (wife) blessed [with the rewards of fidelity],
My husband rejoices in me; the wife of his youth.

I am as a loving hind and graceful doe,
My breasts refresh and satisfy my husband at all times;
He is always exhilarated and delight in my love.

He is not exhilarated with an immoral woman
Neither will he embrace the bosom of an outsider (pagan)


NB:After these declarations, what remains is to trust God with him and cease from worry believing that God is in charge. Then I do my path as the godly wife that I am called to be.

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