Pre-order and Free Download

I have  been swamped trying to work out the details of Evados Children Series (my children storybook) printing and publication. So in the spirit of … hey! compliments of the season!!!

Here is a preview/free download of the book for your reading pleasure  while I work on the soup… here is a taste. Check it out for seasoning

Bless your children with them and give me the gist…

Pre-order is up also… save up and check the pre-order details on the last page of the free download. Here

Download your copy and do not forget to share.




3 thoughts on “Pre-order and Free Download

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    zizywrites - January 23, 2018

    Well done Ufedo, your work is beautiful ♥

    1. Reply
      Ufedo Love - January 24, 2018

      Thank you plenty

      1. Reply
        zizywrites - January 24, 2018

        You are welcome dear ♥

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