Praying ahead

I saw an article sometime ago, which said the Germans train their children from age five for world cup, when I showed my brother, he said “no wonder, they are always among the top contenders for the cup.” for those into football; you know their track record in football history(I am not).

Then there are soldiers who always go for training to prepare them for battles whether there is war or not. When I want to write an examination, I prepare ahead before the day.

I considered all these things, and then thought, why do all these preparations for minor and physical things and then leave the main things like marriage, children, career, finances e.t.c till when am in it? Talk about learning how to shoot a gun in the middle of a battle.

Picture the scenario: I am a soldier in the middle of a battle, and am running to meet my fellow soldiers; “please how do you cock this gun? Please where is the trigger? I ask another. That will definitely be disastrous: “dead man walking!”

I started praying for my marriage, pregnancy and children from secondary school. Because I looked at marriages around me and couples with delay, issues; I saw their pain, despair and I wanted no part in it. I knew there was no perfect marriage but there is a perfect God who wants the best for me.

I started praying for my husband and children (to be). I followed this up by coming out whenever I was in church to thank God with those who just got married or had a baby, a job e.t.c even when I didn’t know them. As I came out I dropped my token and said, “I am sowing this for my husband, daughter/son e.t.c because the Bible said rejoice with those that rejoice, so I planted and watered in anticipation of a fruitful harvest.

I remember my cousin inviting me for a program in her church on a Sunday, during the service, a couple came for their child dedication.(It was a small church, everybody knew everybody, I was the only newcomer) everyone filed out hugging the couple and they smiled back in acknowledgement as they celebrated with them. I was last in line, either deliberately or not (I do not know) they turned away when it came to my turn and everyone else was already seated, the music had stopped. I still went ahead to hug them, dropped my token and declared “this is for my son.” touched the baby boy, and then walked back quickly as my shoe clicked loudly with each step. Moments like that I forget shyness since I already know what I am watering.

Living life to chance is dangerous, in every facet, be it career, finance, marriage and children e.t.c. we need direction, grace and God’s encouragement (Bible) to help us. I am already praying for my children and their spouses as I wrote in babies and spouses

Your prayer may just be what that man/woman needs to be generous, God-fearing, faithful, friendly and all those qualities you want to see, they may also be what the Holy spirit needs to reveal those areas that need fine tuning in your own life, they can also help attack that delay and lack…tilling the soil before you come for planting and watering.

Work hard…pray harder!!!


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