Phase of Sibling Rivalry

I remember posting about sibling rivalry in a previous post. and how I am repeating lessons taught before in this post.

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Then it was Tori, now it is Nuggie. Hopefully Samuel will not take us through the same route. Even if he does, God’s grace and wisdom is bountifully available to help us handle it properly.
Nuggie said she wanted to drink water, I told her to get from the kitchen and Tori followed her. Next I heard someone crying from the kitchen. “Why is Tori always the first? Every time it’s Tori first. I am going to report to Mummy.

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She came to me in the room, apparently Tori who decided she also wanted water too was given first. I told her to wipe her tears and call Tori. I kept wondering where this was coming from and how best to handle it. Because she does not complain about such before.
I asked Tori. “Why did you collect the water when it was Nuggie who said she wanted to drink water?”
She said she was thirsty too. I told her that was not right; she asked for water first, you would have waited for her to drink, and then you can have yours. She apologized and left but I called Nuggie back to explain to her that she must not be first all the time. Others will sometimes be first but that should not be a crying issue. Besides you can allow someone have your spot sometimes, that won’t hurt will it? She shook her head.
Few minutes later, I was to wash their hair. Nuggie will submit herself for anything but not water on her hair. For some weird reason, she prefers nothing to touch her scalp. If you can plait her hair without parting her hair by all means go ahead. but she will have no parting comb or water to touch her scalp.
Remembering the earlier incident with the drinking water, I called her to wash her hair first. She started crying, “no! Wash Tori’s hair first.
With a straight face, I said. “You told me Tori is always the first for everything.” Yes,” she answered but I do not want to be first all the time. Let her be the first this time.”
I couldn’t help it, I had a belly full of laughter and it busted forth. At least she got the idea but has she really she gotten it… Well time shall tell right?
How do you handle sibling rivalry?
How have you been able to encourage a team spirit in your grown or growing children?
What is your take on sibling rivalry?

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