Passenger or Controller?

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Last week, I took a bike. At the T-junction was a traffic controller. He gave my lane go ahead, while we were crossing I looked to my left. A truck was hurtling down at a high-speed and I got scared. I hope this driver can see the traffic controller’s hand signaling he stops. I thought worriedly. The car screeched to a halt before he came to the junction. I breathed a sigh of relief as we rode away.

The raised hand was the only thing the traffic controller did. He did not leave his position because he had traffic on other lanes of the junction to control. He did not look to see if the car had stopped. The traffic controller wasn’t a big man, neither was he bigger than the car. But he was confident that the driver will stop. The driver also did not stop because he was scared of him. Rather he stopped because he recognized the authority backing the man in the uniform.

Then it occurred to me… there are times I resist the devil and rather than fleeing like the bible says. It seems he continues roaring like a lion towards me. The situation never changes but gets worse. The testimony looks impossible. The miracle looks like it’s jumping my address. I get so tired and want to give up or allow the devil take me where he will. Cos I am tired of losing a battle which everyone including the bible says it’s already won. But I look all torn and muddied. Where is the victory? Why is he not stopping? I keep wondering. Is the devil and situation not seeing my raised hand, my signal he stops? The way I worried about the truck.

I realized like the traffic warden, that is only one lane. I cannot afford to take my eyes off of the other lanes. An issue may be so exaggerated in my mind. I forget that’s only a part of life (part of the devil’s strategy to keep us distracted and scattered).

The devil might be hurtling towards us at a high-speed. But he recognizes the authority behind the hand and the person. He is not afraid of me but he’s afraid of that authority. He knows his boundary, he knows the junction where he has to halt.

The way the traffic controller knows who is backing him, that is how I should know who’s got my back (but do I…?). The traffic controller did not see the president or his vice standing physically behind him. To know he has their authority working for him. But he knew and thus he rose his hand and all things moving on that road has to obey.

Have you read Kenneth Hagin’s In Him… He has these assignment in it. See it in the attached picture. To help people know who they have in Christ.
Do you know who you have?

Do you act knowing he’s got your back?

Are you the worried bike passenger or the confident traffic controller?



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